Welcome To NTR Jala Siri
         The Government have sanctioned NTR JalaSiri Phase II programme in the Financial Year 2016-17 for small and marginal farmers where additional groundwater recharge is available in the State. The programme essentially focus on utilization of available ground water resources and to promote conjunctive use of surface water and groundwater duly adhering to the norms mentioned under AP Water, Land and Trees Act-2002. The programme is taken up in all districts except Anantapur.
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Success Stories
  • 1. Providing adequate water for the agriculture activities is one of the pre-requisites for achieving Double Digit Growth in primary sector/ agriculture sector.
  • 2. Optimum utilisation of available ground water resources.
  • 3. Adoption of water intensive irrigation techniques like drip / Sprinklers.
  • 4. Scaling up of rural income by increasing agriculture productivity.
  • 5. Improving of livelihood of rural India.